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Industry veterans share advice on how you may shape your career.

“FPGA-based designs fight obsoleteness”

  JULY 2012: Could you start by giving us an overview of Dexcel Designs (DD)? DD was founded in the...

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“Discovering highly talented technologists with the mindset for scaling business is my biggest challenge.”

What all roles can a technologist play in the industry? If you believe the options are limited—take a look at Sundara...

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“You miss 100% of the shots that you don’t take”

What does the role of a chief digital officer (CDO) at a commercial release estate entail? That’s the question that...

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“Our careers, opportunities and choices do not happen according to a plan, but when you look back, everything seems to make sense.”

‘Wise’—a single word that best describes Srivathsa. His replies to my questions further prove my point. He is an Open Source...

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Open Source offers the most effective way of learning, that is ‘Do It Yourself’

I have known Divyansh Verma (Manager Software Development, Intel) since we met at Open Source India’s first event at Bengaluru (India)...

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Value has a Value ONLY if its Value is Valued

Every time I interact with Gautam Awasthi, I get to learn new things about tech, media and communications. He somehow...

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