Trends in Open Source Jobs Prospects

Hiring open source talent has become a primacy for 83% of hiring managers, an increase from 76% in 2017

The 2018 Open Source Jobs Report released by The Linux Foundation and Dice has explored open source careers and the relationship between employers and professionals in the field. The report shows a growth in open source career opportunities as well as the popularity of expertise in containers.

Technology that can affect hiring decisions

Cloud, being sought by 66% of hiring managers, has been reported to be the most sought after open source skill. However, skills with containers, have made a leap to the second place with 57% compared with 27% last year. These two have been followed by other skills such security, networking and cloud native computing.

According to the report, 34% of hiring managers are looking for professionals who have command in open source licensing and compliance issues.

Possible advancement in open source careers

The report said that it is believed by 87% of open source professionals that knowledge in the open source sector has benefitted their career – the outlook remaining unchanged from the 86% who said the same in 2017. Also, 55% of open source professionals said that it would be easy to find a new open source job presently, showing a slight growth from 52% in 2017 and 50% in 2016.

Additionally, 57% of hiring managers reported that their organisation contributes to open
source projects. Nearly half of hiring managers also reported that their organisation has decided to financially support or contribute code to an open source project for the specific goal of recruiting developers who work on that project.

Merit of certifications

Among open source professionals, 80% of them said that certifications have helped them advance their careers. The main reason for this choice can be that certifications enable employees to demonstrate technical knowledge to potential employers.

Additionally, 47% of open source professionals plan to take at least one certification exam this year – an eye to grow from 40% in 2017.

On the other hand, employers are also using training and certification opportunities as an incentive to retain employees, with 42% reporting doing so, up from 33% last year and 26% in 2016. Among the certified professionals, 47% said that they were more likely to hire a certified professional than one without a certification.

Conflict of opinions on diversity

The report has shown a disagreement between the views of hiring managers and IT professionals on the effectiveness of steps towards diversity improvement in the industry.

While 79% of hiring managers reported that their organisations encourage diversity in hiring efforts, only 60% of employees stated they were aware of diversity efforts in their workplaces. However, the collective responses regarding diversity initiatives were closely aligned.


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