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“Our Internship Program Is Based on Three Es: Education, Exposure & Experience”

With cloud adaption growing at a massive speed today, for all developers, keeping updated with the latest technologies and upskilling themselves is becoming the need for the hour. Here is an interview with Manoj Sharma, HR Director, NetApp India, where he talks about how a developer should upskill himself, skillsets in demand today, open source opportunities, hiring, academic and internship

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Candidates With AI/ML Skills Are Much In Demand In the Industry

It is a very common misconception that there are not many core electronics jobs in the top IT MNCs. Today with rising trends in electronics, automotive and IoT even the IT companies open many vacancies for electronics engineers. With Tech Mahindra being one such IT giant, Srinivas Rambabu – Head, Engineering Talent Acquisition & Special Initiatives, Tech Mahindra and Karthikeyan

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“Just Knowing A Tool Only Makes One A Good ‘Tool-Jockey’, Not A Chip Designer!”

With technologies evolving each minute, unless you continuously learn new technologies and explore new tools, it is very difficult to make a good career in this competitive world. There are a lot of opportunities that can help young engineers to do this, all you should know is where to look for. With over three decades of experience in the industry

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“One Main Mistake Is To Chase Titles Rather Than Gaining Deep Experience”

The journey towards success and excellence is never a predictable road. The key is to grab every opportunity you get and learn with it. On these lines, PVG Menon, President, and CEO, VANN Consulting speaks to Ankita KS from EFY Group about his journey in the industry for over three decades, best practices, key mistakes, learnings and advice to young

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“At Red Hat, We Look For People Who Use Learning To Benefit Community”

Open Source is the catalyst for most innovations happening in today’s digital world. With emerging technologies like artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), and internet of things (IoT) and blockchain merging with Open Source solutions, there are a lot of career development opportunities and Open Source jobs that open up for developers and engineers. With Red Hat being a pioneer

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“There Are A Lot Of Jobs In IoT, But Very Less Quality Talent”

Digital Dojo Pvt Ltd is an IoT Creator and Enabler serving Smart Education segment. It provides digital training platform as well as upskill and reskill corporate training program for companies on the journey of digital transformation using IoT. As its USP, the company offers tactically designed courses on IoT to enable a new workforce to embark on a digital journey

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