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5 Reasons Why You Should Pursue a Career in Cyber Security

News headlines these days are full of hacking and data breach incidents, which has led many business organisations to take preventive action against these online threats. As a result, cybersecurity has become an essential component of businesses nowadays. The increasing need for more robust and secure network structures, in turn, opens several opportunities for skillful professionals who wish to make

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TechM Plans a Blockchain Center within R&D Arm

A blockchain centre to be set up at Hyderabad to facilitate co-innovation and to develop enterprise-grade solutions for people having interest in this field Tech Mahindra will set up a blockchain centre within its research & development arm Makers Lab at its Hyderabad facility. The firm has unveiled the Tech Mahindra BlockGeeks programme in its Hyderabad campus to develop competency

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“Our careers, opportunities and choices do not happen according to a plan, but when you look back, everything seems to make sense.”

‘Wise’—a single word that best describes Srivathsa. His replies to my questions further prove my point. He is an Open Source enthusiast too, and we at Open Source India’s* first edition at Bengaluru. Every sentence that he utters is after considerable thought, and I’m sure you can get a glimpse of that trait from his interview too… Q. Can you describe your

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Open Source offers the most effective way of learning, that is ‘Do It Yourself’

I have known Divyansh Verma (Manager Software Development, Intel) since we met at Open Source India’s first event at Bengaluru (India) in 2012. He’s always been a strong proponent of Open Source. But, he’s one of the rare techies, who’s also passionate about business, and takes a keen interest in tech start-ups, and mergers and acquisitions… Q. Can you describe your

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