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5 Reasons Why You Should Pursue a Career in Cyber Security

News headlines these days are full of hacking and data breach incidents, which has led many business organisations to take preventive action against these online threats. As a result, cybersecurity has become an essential component of businesses nowadays. The increasing need for more robust and secure network structures, in turn, opens several opportunities for skillful professionals who wish to make

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AI is the Buzz Word for India’s Research but Hardly Implemented in Industry

AI, or artificial intelligence, is making a massive stride in way scientists, engineers, and programmers develop new products and improve the services. Industries and companies are adopting AI for better results and developing efficient products. To understand this scenario better Ankita KS from EFY Group spoke to Michelle Hirsch, head of MATLAB product management, and Sunil Motwani, industry director from

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Course from IIIT Bangalore to tackle cyber threats

While digital technology makes progress, the threats in cyberspace also continue to grow and thus individuals who can tackle such threats are in great demand in various sectors IIIT Bangalore, in association with Talentedge has launched the Certified Cyber Warrior course to enable working professionals with skills to tackle potential cybercrime damages. This comprehensive online course in cyber security, helps

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“Discovering highly talented technologists with the mindset for scaling business is my biggest challenge.”

What all roles can a technologist play in the industry? If you believe the options are limited—take a look at Sundara Nagarajan’s profile, and I guarantee you—you will be enthused. While he started his career as an assistant R&D engineer—he’s been the head of several R&D units, co-founded a tech firm, and now enables technologists to scale their ambitions. Thanks to Neeti Toila,

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“You miss 100% of the shots that you don’t take”

What does the role of a chief digital officer (CDO) at a commercial release estate entail? That’s the question that popped up when my close buddy–Sandeep Dave–got appointed as Chief Digital and Technology Officer at CBRE, US. Thankfully, he not only explained his role and the ‘why’ behind it but also shared some valuable insights that may help you shape

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Hell no! I Don’t Think This Kind of a Role Existed

When I first interacted with Pragya Vaishwanar , I was intrigued by her designation. I understood the “Director Marketing” bit, but “Influencer Relations” got me stumped. Thankfully, she agreed to this interview, and I got to discover a fascinating role that exists in our tech industry… Q. Can you describe your current role? What are the primary results that you are

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