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CEDELIES SOLUTIONS is an International BPO and IT services company. Our corporate office is located at Chennai in a well spaced fully furnished center with all equipments ready to cater all the needs of an Outsourcing & IT industry. We provide solutions and outsourcing to any Business mainly through our state-of-the-art call center and IT department. Our main area of work includes Software Development, Customer Services and Support, Lead Generation, Networking, Website Designing, BPO, etc. 

We work round the clock (depending upon the outsourcing projects) and provide the best service in terms of Quality, Quantity and Time-management. We are confident that we will be providing the best services and would take full responsibility for the upbringing of your business through our dedicated and very well qualified and experienced staff. We are already working with the big companies mainly in UK and USA and would like to take up more challenges. 

At CEDELIES SOLUTIONS, work and customer service is the first priority. Our well trained staff is ever ready to provide the best customer service according to the client’s requirements. Our experience in outsourcing and IT business is of couple of years but we are very much confident that the quality we provide will be in accordance with International Standards. We are just one step to get an ISO certification. CEDELIES SOLUTIONS is working hard and maintaining its reputation to become an ISO certified company before the end of 2012. 

We provide full support and training to our employees according to the client’s standard. We do not hire inexperienced staff, so the client can always be rest-assured that his business is in the right hands. We maintain International Standards in Employee and Management relationship. Our company is strict in maintaining a safe and non-disputing environment. We are an equal opportunity company in terms of gender, racial background, ethnicity, diversity, color, etc and strictly monitor in these areas to provide a safe and comfortable working experience. 

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