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Intel’s Processor Architecture Research Lab located in Bangalore, India is seeking proficient Graduate Research Interns.

You will research novel microarchitecture techniques that will reposition the trajectory of CPU Cores towards much greater power and area efficiency with breakaway performance. A key associated research focus is the evaluation of emerging memory technologies and their optimized usage in on-die and off-die cache and memory hierarchies.

Another set of research opportunities are in the domain of next generation image processing and associated real-time, low-power programmable/accelerator hardware architectures for Computer Vision and Deep Learning.

You will have the opportunity to also advance the state-of-the-art in deep collaboration with product architecture/design teams while also contributing to scientific literature/conferences and developing Intellectual Property.


  • You should possess a BS/MS or PhD in Computer Science or Electrical/Electronics Engineering.
  • CPU, GPU or SoC architecture and microarchitecture expertise/training is a requirement.
  • Experience with VLSI design/verification and superlative Software skills in C/C++ and in Scripting languages such as Perl/Python in the Linux environment would be required.
  • Proficiency in CPU/GPU Instruction Set Architecture, Software/Hardware Performance Benchmarking and Debugging would be very desirable.
  • Prior experience in developing System Software, Compilers and Emulators/Simulators would be very useful.


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