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The Company

We are a young, fast-growing AI company shaking up how work gets done across the enterprise. Every day, we help clients identify opportunities for automation, and then use a variety of AI and advanced automation techniques to rapidly model manual work in the form of code. Our impact has already been felt across some of the most reputable Fortune 500 companies, who are consequently seeing major gains in efficiency, client satisfaction, and overall savings. It’s an exciting experience to watch companies transform themselves rapidly with Soroco!

Based across US, UK, and India, our team includes several PhDs and graduates from top-notch universities such as MIT, Harvard, Carnegie Mellon, Dartmouth, and top rankers/medalists from the IITs and NITs. The senior leadership includes a former founder of a VC/hedge fund, a computer scientist from Harvard, and a former founder of a successful digital media firm. Our team has collectively published more than 100 papers in international journals and conferences and been granted over 20 patents. Our board members include some of the most well-known entrepreneurs across the globe, and our early clients include some of the most innovative Fortune 100 companies.

The Role

A Software Engineer (SE) in the SRE team will own multiple Product deployments and will support the implementation team in driving enterprise delivery excellence.

Responsibilities include (but are not limited to)

  • Maintenance and support of multiple Product deployments running in different client environments. Automation of all installations, configurations and troubleshooting
  • Use of monitoring tools like AWS Cloudwatch, Nagios, Splunk, AppDynamics etc. Developing automated monitoring scripts
  • Identify bottlenecks, work towards removing recurring issues or automating the resolution
  • Escalate issues in a timely manner and help with stakeholder communication
  • Influence and create designs, architectures, and standards to make our product deployments more reliable
  • Engage in capacity planning, software performance analysis and system tuning
  • Automating system administration via DevOps tooling

The Candidate

An ideal Software Engineer is a driven individual who loves maintaining product deployments and is willing to provide the highest level of professional service.

Key Requirements and Qualifications

  • B.Tech / MCA degree in one of the following departments (i) Computer Science, (ii) Information Sciences, (iii) Electrical Engineering, (iv) Electronics – or equivalent
  • 1 – 2 years of coding/scripting experience in any programming language like Python, Ruby, Pearl, Bash, etc.
  • Exposure to large-scale systems and systems architecture, and experience in building and maintaining product deployments or maintaining production systems
  • Understanding of Unix/Linux systems and exposure to networking concepts/protocols
  • Understanding of RDBMS concepts, executing complex queries in MYSQL, PostgreSQL

Bonus Skills

  • Experience on any popular DevOps tool like Docker, Jenkins, Ansible, Containers, etc.
  • Experience in AWS/Azure environments and deployment in Cloud
  • Knowledge of PKI, SMTP, Web servers – Nginx/Apache, Python web-frameworks


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