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Are YOU passionate about technology? Interested in subjects such as Technology, electronics Industry etc, Want to explore Electronics Indusrtry and like the idea of sharing your knowledge and research with the rest of the world? If your answer is YES to these questions–then here’s a role for you.

What’s the Opportunity for the Candidate?

  • India’s leading Tech Media group is seeking techies, tech writers or tech journalists to discover, explore and write on technical topics
  • We have positions open in the team that writes on hard-core electronics (components, circuit design, embedded systems) and the team that writes on IT and Open Source related topics
  • The candidates will get to meet with (and network with) the Who’s Who of the Tech World and their content will be read or viewed by thousands across India and the globe.
  • The role comes with an opportunity to lead products and teams across India.

What are the Challenges in the Role?

  • Ability to understand latest technologies and be able to explain them in simple words to our audiences (We are expecting candidates to produce Business Content from Electronics Industry, to understand the content visit –
  • The biggest challenge is ability to spot the right story, get the right inputs from the right people, and then put them together as RemarkABLE content.
  • Ability to connect and influence people across industry, academia and sciences to share their time, energy and knowledge with you.
  • News-sense: the ability to spot topics that will benefit more than others, and be able to execute stories.

What’s Expected From the Candidate in Terms of Skill Sets & Experience?

  • Deep interest in technology, knowledge of current tech and ability to grasp technical terms
  • Strong command over the English language–both written and spoken.
  • Flair for writing
  • Openness and eagerness to move out and interact with contacts in Electronic industry
  • Openness and eagerness to learn.
  • Ability to handle work-pressure and deadlines.

Education Qualifications

A tech degree is a bonus, B.Tech – Electronics / CS freshers from reputed Engineering colleges may apply

Is Own Conveyance IMP for This Role?

Would be a Bonus but not a necessity

Where to Apply: The applicants should send their profiles at

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